Artist: Meek Men

Record: Dumdedum

Year: 2016

Music by Kenneth Holmström

Lyrics by Jonas Lundberg


In the stillness

preceding the dawn

my young daughter´s calling from her room

And by her bedside

I ask what is wrong

and she wonders if I know the kind of song


The kind of song that

carries away

some things I might have done that weren´t okay

A song that makes

the thoughts in my head

to think a little kind of me instead


Close your eyes

In a while

Dreams will come

Dreams will come


She is drowsy

and holding my hand

but asking me to sing it once again

´Cause she wonders

what they will say

and if her friends are gonna let her play


Close your eyes...


And there was a young girl

determined to see

if she could live life perfectly

Just to find out

to keep to her goal

she could do nothing at all


Close your eyes...


Close your eyes

and you will find

that what´s been done

is left behind



Jonas Lundberg: vocals

Kenneth Holmström: acoustic guitar, fretless bass

Joel Hagen: soprano saxophone

Berra Karlsson: pedal steel guitar

Micke Nybo: drums and percussion

Viola Lundberg: voice