Artist: Meek Men

Record: Dumdedum

Year: 2016

Music by Kenneth Holmström

Lyrics by Jonas Lundberg


Once upon a time

a time we can call naive

walking down the aisle

unknowing the bravery

Of taking the steps

and promising life time

spending my years

next to you


Once upon a time

a time we can hardly recall

working the shift

and trying to raise the small

Keeping our heads

above the water

knowing I´m here

next to you


This is alive

to love and to strive

We will be fine

with Monday Valentine


Once upon a time

or maybe the other day

I´m looking at you

in a very familiar way

Smiling inside

having some coffee

sitting right here

next to you


This is alive...


Sometimes, all of the everyday times

they turn into sixty shades of grey

Remember, in mental november

the blessing of small talk tenderness


This is alive...


This is alive...


This is alive

We will be fine

With Monday Valentine


©2018 Meek Men and KHMP Förlag

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