Artist: Meek Men

Record: Dumdedum

Year: 2016

Music by Kenneth Holmström and Jonas Lundberg

Lyrics by Jonas Lundberg

Arranged by Anders Wihk


Is there a way to make things happen

cause I´m not really taking it

the way it is right now?

Is there a way to make things lighter?

To easen up the burden,

just a little bit?


I have been told

to see it from the brighter side

I have been told

that good will come if you abide

I have been told

that life is like a rolling tide, you just have to ride

but I´m asking you, to stay by my side


Is there a time to take it slower,

a season of resilience

when life is marching on?

Is there a motion in emotion?

when all my senses are telling me

to run away and hide?


I have been told...


´Cause I don´t mind what´s been said

And I don´t mind the battle cries

But what I need is to know

Do you bear the me that I have to be right now?


Is it a matter of acceptance?

The what you see is what you get,

the rest is to forget?

Can you show the greater meaning

and feed the ever wonder why

a heavenly reply?


I have been told...



Jonas Lundberg: vocals

Anders Wihk: grand piano

Lennart Esborn: cello

Arranged by Anders Wihk